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To improve the user experience while waiting for loading of the records, users can now see loading bars instead of blank spaces.
Loading state of database records

Cost Centres

Redesigned Cost Centre feature brings a significant update to its usability and performance. It streamlines the setup and makes it easier to navigate across the screen.
On the corporation dashboard, scroll down a little and select cost centres management. TripGate displays a list of saved centres. Switch to the centre settings tab below to adjust centres' behaviour more precisely.
Use the 'Create centre' button in the upper right-hand corner to add a new cost centre to the list. If you have plenty of centres on the list, you can use the search box to easily find the one you are looking for.
You can save a lot of time by duplicating centres having all the details included. Open the contextual menu in the end of each row and select 'Copy centre'.
In the cases when you set up approval configuration 'Manager to Cost centre', you need to assign manager(s) to the centre. Unless you do so, the approval process won't work correctly.

Agency admin console redesign

The first version of the redesigned agency admin console has been released. More improvements are coming soon.
CEE Admin Console


  • Reason codes: Increased limit of characters to 100 for the 'Name' field
  • Reason codes: Improved code sorting
  • When adding a new record in the redesigned modules, the cursor immediately appears on the line, , and is ready for typing
  • In the redesigned modules, it is possible to save a new, one-line records (e.g Reason codes) or changes by hitting ENTER on your keyboard
  • iOS: The app is not automatically zooming in when adding a new record and typing text
  • Breadcrumbs: Improved user experience while sliding
  • Sorting arrows appear only on hover
  • Improvements in responsive design on large (external) displays
  • Enhanced list of countries displaying full name of the country in English
  • In personal profile, it is now possible to select title using a drop-down selector instead of radio buttons
  • In personal profile, date of birth field was split to display day, month and year separately
  • Copy of the text on the login page has changed
  • In the booking form, it is now forbidden to change traveller's first and last names to keep data consistency
  • All passenger details were enriched with email and phone number fields
  • On the search results screen, while searching for a flight within a date range (+/- days), the days outside the range are highlighted to be more visible
  • It is now possible to add multiple passports in the user's profile
  • You can set up sending email notifications, itineraries and e-tickets to passengers


  • Alphabetical sorting of corporations in breadcrumbs
  • Mobiles: Incorrect size of the Remove record dialogue
  • Bulk checkbox is marked automatically when all records selected manually by the user
  • Mobiles: Padding corrections in the case of a long corporation name
  • Missing scroll-bar in breadcrumbs