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Functionality questions

Which Galileo access (HAP or WAB) do I need in order to use Tripgate?

Generally, a WAB is all you need to be able to use most of the system. However, a HAP is necessary in cases when you wish to use certain features like importing users from GDS, synchronising user profiles with GDS and importing Corporate GDS profiles which still run on GWS (Galileo Web Services).

Can I disable auto-ticketing?

Unless you enable auto-ticketing functionality and define its rules, it is disabled by default and you need to issue every ticket manually.

Does the itinerary for TripGate show Carbon Emissions Data?

Not at the moment. But it can be obtained through our free plug in – CEE Itinerary

Is TripGate capable of handling one-way fares, especially the logic required by the Australia-Pacific customers?

One-way faring is being prepared as a general solution accommodating the vast majority of customers. We do not cosider implementing AU-NZ One-way faring (a Galileo feature) at the moment.

Does TripGate have approval process capabality?

Yes. The system offers a single-level approval process.

Is TripGate able to display Branded Fares?

Yes, it is.

Is there a cap on the number of users?

No, there is no such limit, neither is there a cap on the number of corporations.

Can I book a paid seat?

Not in TripGate. We have a solution called Trawys which can be used instead, and Trawys API will be incorporated with TripGate in the future.

When booking multiple passengers, does TripGate then split the PNR or create a single one?

It creates one PNR with all passengers included.

Is it possible to mark up prices in the tool?

Yes, you can set up a service fee and/or a mark up.

Will TripGate include other modules like expense management?

Not at the moment. We are able to provide customised reports. It depends on what you need to be reported (traveller info, destinations, expenses...). It is very individual. It can be done for example on weekly or monthly basis…. And also, in different formats.

Can one agency connect multiple PCCs?

Yes, the multi-PCC feature is available.

What languages are available?

For now, we have included English, Czech and Slovak.
We are able to integrate more languages for travel interface (booking, trip overview.) The console and administration is in English only. We can upload a text storage, and there are two options: free – local Travelport team will help with the translation (preferred – person from industry), or paid – done by a professional translator.

Is Tripgate customisable in terms of look and feel?

Yes, as a white label solution, we are able to incorporate company / agency branding such as a logo or colours.

Is it possible to connect direct API from the airlines?

Technically it is possible. What needs to be taken into consideration is a strong business case behind such a request.

Is TripGate capable of connecting NDC carriers?

Yes, we just need to get credentials and it is done.

Is this solution offered to Galileo Point of Sale US/ARC or only BSP?

Only Galileo / BSP.

How are the NDC payments between airline and agency handled?

Through BSP.

Can low-cost carriers be booked via the tool?

Yes, low-cost carriers are connected via Travelfusion. (see available carriers at the Travelfusion site -

Who provides the hotel content?

Hotel content will be powered by the GDS - Galileo. More suppliers will be added in the future.

Do you have any plans on implementing car transfers into TripGate?

Car rentals from Galileo are on the roadmap.

Are you going to include cruises?

It is not planned as it is more a leisure feature.

Can we add Amadeus content as well?

No, TripGate works exclusively for Travelport / Galileo customers.