Product questions

Where is the list of features I get with my tier?

The features are the same for both tiers. The difference is in the fee per ticketed PNR.

How many users can work with TripGate?

There is no limit for number of users, nor profiles which you have implemented into the product.

What is the implementation time frame?

It is between 3 - 6 weeks. It depends on whether it is a new agency or an existing one (very individual). Implementation of a new agency – contract between agency and Travelport, PCC request, credentials. Implementation of corporate customers.

What are the forms of payments?

1. Agency to Galileo - BSP 2. Agency to Travelfusion - agencies can have their own licence or can use our licence with deposit model. 3. Agency with Corporation - payment gateway/credit card, invoice

Can TripGate be purchased by a Corporate account directly?

No, only by TMC due to connection to TMC's PCC. In case when a corporation is interested in TG, they can connect us with their TMC.

Is this the pricing per agent or per corporate account?

The pricing is per TMC.

Does Basic Plus and Premium pricing matrix still exist?

Only for existing customers and those will be gradually and individually transferred to a new pricing system within a year.

Will the new prices be applicable with immediate effect?


Since GOL IBE and TripGate are on the same core, do clients have to pay for them separately? If so, in case an agency needs both, are the prices negotiable?

Each solution needs to be paid separately as they serve different purposes and have different features. Discount is already included in the pricing plan - with increasing production of ticketed PNRs, the fee decreases.

What is the diferrence between monthly fee and deposit?

1. Monthly fees are charged from the 5th month after the order (1 month for implementation + 3 months for corporate onboarding). The monthly fee includes implementation, helpdesk and support. 2. Deposit is used for deduction of Galileo and Travelfusion ticketed bookings, hotel in the near future.

How do you provide support?

The first level of support for the corporate user is always its TMC. The seconds level of support includes trained, local Travelport representatives, and of course CEE staff. The help is organised via Zendesk, emails, phone or WebEx.

How do we get a demo of TripGate in action?

For Travelport teams – access can be requested on our website (ordering, sales & support tools). For agencies – one month trial is available. Trial requests go through an online form or local Travelport representative.